In the yere of our lorde god m d xxxv I Joan ROBYNS of Holldenby in the
countye of northampton widow hole of mynde and memory orden and make my
Testament and last will in manner and form followyng that is say
 First I bequeth my soule to allmytie god to our lady sainte mary and to 
all the saints in heaven and my Body to be buried in the churche yarde of
all saintes in Holldenby aforesaid.
 Item I bequethe to our mother churche of Lincoln vii d. allso to the hie
aulter in Holldenby xii d.
 Item I bequethe for my mortuary that thing that is done accordeng to the
kyngs statute therof made furthermore I guyf and bequethe onto Henry Robins
my son my croppe that is soweng and that is to be soweng withe all the
residue of my grayne boothe within and withoute or ells wheare keeps
 I will that my executours shall suffer the  said Henry my son peaseably
to occupie and Injoie my farm duryng the tyme of my Leasse thereof made
and  further bequethe to the said Henrye all my hole teme withe collars
and gerres to them belogyng and my carts plowes and harrows and other
necessaries to them belongyng
 I will that my Executours shall paye to Thomas my son fyve marks due to
hym of his fathers bequest and   a mendyng thereof I bequethe to hym
xxxiii s. iii d. 
 allso I will that my Executours shall paye to Edwarde my son x marks due
to hym for his father legacy and in a mendyng thereof I bequethe to hym
fyve marks the which sum of x L.
 I will that my executours shall delyver to James Tanfilde clarke vicar of 
Letyll Houghton to the use of the said Edwarde my son att ii termes by
even portions that is to say att the feast of sainte Michael the
Argangell next after the late thereof v L. and at the same feast xii
monethes next following other fyve pownd residue of the said x L.
 Item I bequethe t margery Tymcok one cowe in thecustody of Willm. Robyns
my son att upton.
 Item I bequethe to Isabell Tymcok one cowe.
 Item I bequethe to the Reperacen of the bellis att Holdenby viii d.
 Item to the woode lights there one pownd waxe.
 Further I bequethe to Thomas Hoggies too children eche a ewe and a Lambee.
 Item to Richarde Robyns ii children eche of them a ewe and a Lambe.
 Allso I will thta my Executours shall fynde a preast to syng a Trintall
for my Soule and all Christs Soules and he to have for his stipend x s.
 Item I bequethe to Joys Hoggies my dawghter my best coote my best beads
and my best gerdille.
 Item I guyf to margery Tymcok my second Beads
 Allso I will that my Executors shall paye my detts and deale the daye of my
burill -alpeny doole through the Terms
 and allso that my Said Executors shall take theis parcells following due
to me to the performannce of this my last will that is to Say of Richarde
Robyns my Son xi s. of Walter Moultoy vi s. viii d. of Richarde Lichefilde
v s.  and of Richarde Knight iii strikes of mallte and one The Residue of
my goods nott bequethed I guyf them holy to Henry my Son
 Item I ordayn and make Willm. Robyns and Richard my son my Exectors to
perform this my last will and testament and Sir James Tinfilde supervisor
of this my will as my specyall trusties in hym Theis witnisses Sir Edward
Hughson my curate and John Arnolle withe many other
[no probate date]


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