In the name of god Amen the eighth daye of January the yere of our Lord
god milli am xxxi and in the yere of the Reyne of our saverer lord King
Henry the eighth the xxiii I Thomas Robyns of Holdenby in the countye of
Northampton husbendman hole of mynde and of good and perfect memorie thanks
be to allmitie god make this my Last will and testament in manner and form
follwing that is to say that I bequethe my Soule to Allmytie god and our
blessed lady and to all the holye compeny of heaven my body is to be buried
in the  church yard of all Saints in Holdenby afforesaid.  
 It[em] to the mother church of Lincoln vii d.
 Item I beqthe to the hie allter in the church of holdenbye for tithings
and oblacouts? bie me nerly gentlye forgotton ii s.
 Item I guyff and bequethe to the rode lights one pounde of wax.
 Item to our ladye lights i L. of wax.
 Item to seynt john lights the baptise i lb of waxe.
 Item to the Sepulchre ligths i L. of wax.
 Item to seint xpofer lights i L. of waxe.
 Item to allhollows lights i L. of waxe.
 Item I bequethe toward the Repacons of the bells vi d.
 Item I guyff and bequethe to john Robyns my son v L. and a bullik.
 Item I guyff to joane Robyns my daughter c s. and a bullok.
 Item I guyff to Thomas Robyns my son iii L. vi s. vii d.
 Item I bequethe to Henrie Robyns my son v. L.
 Item I guyff & bequethe to Edward Robyns my son so that he be disposyd
to be a prist or a man of religyon or a student att anye of the universytes
of oxeford or Cantibrige or to be a Syngyng man vi L. xii s. vii d. and
iff he will take none of this ways then I will that he have butt onlye
v L.
 Item I guyff and beqth to the ordre of the greye Freers of Seint Frances
in Southampton vi s. viii d.
 Item to the black Freers of Seynt dronyse in the horse? ------- vi s.
viii d. 
 allso I will that my executors cause one trintall? to be song in 
the parish church of holdenby and as manye timesses over and besides the
same trintall? as shall amownt to iii s. ii d. next and immedyatly after
my dethe 
 allso i guyff and bequeth to margerie Tymcok one blak caulff 
 allso I guyff to Isabell Tymcok a redd calff 
 allso I will that mye executors immedyatly after my dethe paye or cause
to be payed all my detts which shall be dulye payed my dett the
residue of my goods nott bequethed my detts and legacies payed and this
my last will performyd I will that Johane my wiff have them to dispose
further for the helthe of my soule as she shall thank most expedyent
 and I order and make the said Johane my wiff and my son Willm Robyns my
executors charging them to see this my last will performed as they shall
make answer before god att the dredfull daye of Judgement
 and my said son Willm. to have for his labour vii d.
 and I order and make nicholas wills supervisor of this my sd last will to se
that itt be in all things performed and ------ acordeng to the treue meyaneng
and entent of the same and the said Nicholas to have for his labour x d.
 allso I will that my said executors nott paye no of the legacies gyven
to my children before the feast of saynt michell next comyng.
[no probate date]


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