John MORRIS/MAURICE had three marriages, and children by each marriage.
Their records were recorded in Charles Parish, York County, Virginia.

John MAWRICE died 14 Jan. 1694 [1694/5]1
John MAURICE's first wife Elizabeth d. 8 Jan. 1670 [1670/1]1
John MAURICE and wife Elizabeth had child:
1. Thomas MORRIS bap. 6 July 1669;1 d. 4 April 16711

John MAURICE's second wife Chritjan was buried 10 Sep. 16831
John MAURICE and second wife Christjana had children:
1. Isabell [Ezerell] MAURICE b. 10 April 1676;1 d. 7 July 16951
2. Martha MAWRICE b. 5 Aug. 1679;1 bur. 6 Feb. 1684 [1684/5]1
3. John MORRIS (MAURICE) b. 8 Mar. 1681 [1681/2];1 m. Mary;1 d. 5 Jan. 17461 [1746/7]

John MAURICE and third wife Goodlove had child:
1. William MORRIS (MAURICE) b. 2 Apr. 1689;1 m. Ann1 TAVERNOR;14 d. Oct. 17511

John MORRIS [Jr's] (born 1681) wife Mary died 12 Feb. 1752 [1752/3]1 
John MORRIS (Jr.) and wife Mary had children:
1. John MORRIS2 b. 20 Mar. 1705 [1705/6];1 m. Mary1 WRIGHT;13 d. between
   14 Apr. and 3 Dec. 1772 Isle of Wight Co., VA3
2. Elizabeth MORRIS b. say 1707; d. 29 Nov. 17091
3. Elizabeth MORRIS b. 10 Dec. 1709;1 m. George1,4 JARVIS2; d. 17 Jan. 1736 [1736/7]1
4. Nicholas MORRIS2 b. 19 Nov. 1713;1 m. Mary1

John MORRIS (III, also known as Jr.) and wife Mary WRIGHT had children:
1. Sarah MORRIS3 b. 17 Sep. 1728;1 m. John STROUD;3 d. between
   14 Apr. 17723 and 27 Oct. 17765
2. Hannah MORRIS3 b. 17 Oct. 1730;1 m.1 William9 HATCHELL7,8; m.2
    John8 HAILE3; d. 19 Apr.-3 June 1799 Isle of Wight Co., VA7
3. Mary MORRIS3 b. 23 July 1732;1 m. Matthew10 HARRIS3; living 176710
4. Christiana MORRIS3 b. say 17346 m. William HATCHELL3
5. Susanna MORRIS3 b. 23 Sep. 17361
6. Elizabeth MORRIS3 b. 7 Jan. 1738/9;1 m. Mr. HAILE3
7. Conyers MORRIS3 b. 12 Mar. 1740/1;1 m. Ann;11 died 180412-1805,15,16
   Isle of Wight Co., VA15,16

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