Fridlin HÄFELFINGER was born about 1545 at Diegten, Baselland, Switzerland.
He was married there on 28 Sep. 1568 to Ann MOHLER.1 She died in either 1571,
or 1572, having a child born in the former year, and her husband remarried
in 1572.

Fridlin HÄFELFINGER and wife Anna MOHLER had children baptized at Diegten:
1. Martin HÄFELFINGER bap. 15 Apr. 1570;1
2. Anna HÄFELFINGER bap. 6 May 1571;1 m. 20 Apr. 1591 Hans HÄGLER;1
   d. Dec. 1602;1

Fridlin HÄFELFINGER secondly married 6 May 1572 to Barbel SPITTELER
from Bennwil.1
Fridlin and Barbel had child:
1. Bartlin HÄFELFINGER bap. 9 Aug. 1573;1

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