All records below are from the church records of Hofheim, [now] Hesse, Germany, unless
otherwise noted. Others locations mentioned in the church records are Groß Rohrheim,
Bobstadt, and Nordheim, the relation of which to Hofheim may be seen on this map.

Johann Jacob DRUCKTENHENGST1 b. say 1635; children:
1. Johann Jacob DRUCKTENHENGST b. ca. 1662;3 m.1. Anna1,4 [Maria]5,7 Barbara EBERT 16 Nov. 1700;1
   m.2. Anna8 Elisabetha REYLING 23 Nov. 1704;2 d. 30 Apr. 1735 Hofheim3
2. Johannes DRUCKTENHENGST5 b. ca. 1667;12 m.1. Anna Margaretha -?- by 1693;13
   His first wife Anna Margaretha was buried 11 Mar. 1704;14 m.2. Anna Elisabeth FERBERT
   4 June 1704;15 d. 17 Apr. 1729 Hofheim12
3. Anna Margarehta DRUCKTENHENGST b. ca. 1673;18 m. Johann Peter WIFFUBER 15 Oct. 1697;17
   bur. 30 July 1698 Nordheim18
4. Apollonia DRUCKTENHENGST b. Sep. 1676;19 bur. 25 Apr. 1698 Hofheim19
5. Margaretha DRUCKTENHENGST b. ca. 1684;21 m. Johann Georg HASSELOCHER 13 June 1703;20
   d. 26 Mar. 1736 Hofheim21

Note that the Ancestral File, which many people have copied, does not list the first
marriage for the above child number 2, Johannes, and instead lists that he first married
Anna Margaretha EBOLD on 10 Dec. 1702.16  That marriage entry clearly states
that Johannes is the son of Johann Adam TRUCKTEHENGST, deceased, not the son of Johann
Jacob. In addition, Ebold is not the surname of the bride, but the middle name of the
father, given in the record as Johann Ebolt LOSCH.

Johann Jacob DRUCKTENHENGST's first wife Anna Barbara EBERT was buried 25 Feb. 1704.4
They had children:
1. Johannes DRUCKTENHENGST bap. 9 Oct. 1701;5 m. Maria Magdalena STAAB 7 Aug. 1725;6
2. Maria Apollonia bap. 10 Feb. 1704;7

Johann Jacob DRUCKTENHENGST and second wife Elisabeth REYLING had children:
1. Johann Georg DRUCKTENHENGST bap. 3 Jan. 1706;8 m. Margaretha -?-
2. Maria [Anna]9 Catharina DRUCKTENHENGST bap. 25 Aug. 1708;9 m. Johann Heinrich MOHLER
   5 May 1734;10
3. Johann Leonhardt DRUCKTENHENGST bap. 13 July 1717;11

The Ancestral File lists two additional children for Johann Jacob DRUCKTENHENGST and
Elisabetha REYLING that are incorrect. The first of these is Michel who was baptized
18 9bris (November) 1711.22 His parents were listed as "Joh: TRUCKTEHENGST and 
Elisabetha his wife, both Ref:" [Reformed].  This would be Johann Jacob's brother Johannes
and his second wife Anna Elisabetha's child.  In addition the father just be listed as
"Joh:" [Johannes], as added evidence, note that for the baptisms of their children Johann
Georg, Anna Catharina, and Johann Leonhardt, that while the father Johann Jacob was
Reformed, the mother Elisabetha was Lutheran. In baptisms of all their children,
Eliasabetha, wife of Johannes was listed as Reformed. Also, Joh: Micheal DRÜCTENHENGST
died on 15 May 1739 and was buried on the 17th.23 He was listed as the son of the deceased
Joh: DRÜCTENHENGST former gerichtsschöpft and citizen and Elisabetha's son. Note that
while Johannes was listed in records as a member of the court [gericht], Johann Jacob
was always referred to as just a citizen.

The second child misassigned to Johann Jacob and wife Elisabetha was a son Wendel baptized
24 May 1714.24 The record listed his parents as and buried 31 July 1717 Joh: TRUCKTEHENGST
and his wife Elisabetha, both Reformed. Again, the father was Johannes, not Johann Jacob,
and the mother Elisabetha was Reformed, not Lutheran as the wife of Johann Jacob was.
Wendel was buried on 31 July 1717, age 3 years and 2 months, the son of Joh: Trucktehengst,
gericht and church elder.25

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