Thomas BESSON was born in England about 1611 to 1616. In a depostion on
10 Mar. 1674 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland he gave his age as 58.1  He is
probably the Thomas BESON, age 24, who was on the Ship Assurance in 1635 from
London.2 It is interesting to note that on that same ship was John GATER
[GAITHER] who was also an early settler in Anne Arundel County.

Thomas BESSON immigrated to Anne Arundel Co., MD  where he demanded 600 acres 
"for transporting himself and family" in 1649 into the province and since
that time 3 servants Thomas JONES, Robert SAWLY, Alecia CROWDER.3  He received
a patent on the 450 acre tract Bessenden that was stated as transportation
of "himself, Ann his wife Thomas and Ann his Children and Edwd COX his Servant."4

That his daughter Ann was born before 1649 would dispute Harry Wright Newman's
belief that Ann was not born before 1658, or the mother of her husband Nicholas
GASSAWAY's eldest children born about 1668 and 1670.10  Newman apparently
believed that Hester, was the only wife of Thomas BESSON, and since they were not
married before 1658, concluded that BESSON's daughter Ann was not born before
then. If that were true, she would have been too young to have been the mother of
Nicholas GASSAWAY's eldest children.  Newman had apparently not seen the patent
for Bessenten, which in combination with his demand for that land, showed
that Thomas BESSON had a first wife Ann, and his daughter Ann was born by 1649
when he transported her into MD.

J. D. Warfield stated that as shown by Thomas BESSON's will, that Nicholas
GASSAWAY married his daughter Hester.11  While BESSON's will did show that a
daughter married Nicholas GASSAWAY, her first name was not given in the will.
While Thomas BESSON's second wife was named Hester, there is no evidence of his
having a daughter of that name.

Thomas BESSON secondly married after 1658 to Hester, widow of Henry CAPLIN.12
That a widow did not normally wait too long to remarry, and it was stated that
the lands of CAPLIN were in the occupation of BESSON until CAPLIN's daughter
Elizabeth married Thomas WATKINS, the marriage of Thomas BESSON to Hester
was probably about 1658.

Thomas BESSON died in Anne Arundel County between 15 Oct. 1677 and
29 Apr. 1679.5  After his death, his widow Hester married to Thomas SUTTON.7

Thomas BESSON and first wife Ann had children:
1. Thomas BESSON4 (the elder)5 b. say 1646;13 m. Margaret SAUGHIER
   5 Mar.8 [year blank, ca. 1667]
2. Ann BESSON4 b. say 1648;13 m. Nicholas GASSAWAY5,6; d. before 16929

Thomas BESSON and second wife Hester5 had children:
3. John BESSON5
4. Martha BESSON5 b. say 1662;14 m.1 Nicholas15 ALDRIDGE7 by 1680;7
   m.2 John ROBERTS 5 Nov. 1709;15 bur. 21 Apr. 1722 All Hallow's
   Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD15
5. William BESSON5
6. Thomas BESSON (the younger)5

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