The name of the father of Thomas Barecock, is unknown, but his mother
Martha secondly married William JENNINGS. On 30 Mar. 1680 Jennings
receieved 300 acres from North Carolina for importing [himself], Martha his
wife, [John] Jennings, Margaret, Annie Jennings, [Ral]ph Garnet &
Margaret Garnet.13

William JENNINGS had children:
1. Ann JENNINGS4 b. ca. 1648; m.1 William SEARES;2 m.2 Paul
2. Margaret JENNINGS13 b. ca. 1650; m. Ralph GARNET4,13/GARNER17
   d. before 1686/7;4
3. John JENNINGS4 b. ca. 1653; m.1 -?- -?-;16 m.2. Dorothy, 
   widow of Thomas RELFE;16 m.3. Ann14,15 (MAYO)15 POPE15 DELAMARE15 SCARBOROUGH16;
   d. 13 Aug. 1718 to 16 June 1720 Pasquotank Co., NC14

William SEARES in his will written in 1679 made his wife Ann his executrix.2
As overseers he appointed his "father-in-law William JENNINGS & sd. JENNINGS
son-in-law Thomas BARCOCK." Son-in-law in that time period was commonly
used to mean step-son.  If Thomas BARECOCK had married a daughter of JENNINGS,
it would have been more likely that SEARES would have referred to BARCOCK as
either his "brother" or "brother-in-law" rather than "JENNINGS son-in-law".

William JENNINGS own will was written on 24 January 1686/7 and proved --
April 1687 would also imply the same. He made bequests to his daughter Ann
LATHUM [who first married the above William SEARES], his godson William
BARKCOKE, Ralph GARNET's daughter Mary, and his son John JENNINGS.  The
heirs of his residual estate were his daughter Ann LATHUM and son John
JENNINGS.4 That Thomas's son William was called a "godson" and not
grandson, and that he was the only of Thomas's children that received a
bequest would be another indication that Thomas BARECOCK was a step-son
of William JENNINGS.

Mr. BARECOCK and wife Martha has child:
1. Thomas BARECOCK m. Margaret10; died between 1 Jan. 1721 and 17 Jan. 1721/2
   Pasquotank Co., NC1

Thomas BARECOCK and wife Margaret had children:
1. Elizabeth BARECOCK1 m. John11,12 UPTON1; living 172112
3. Prissilla BARECOCK1 m. [Thomas9]? GREGORY1; died before 17369
4. Margaret BARECOCK1b. say 1680;  m. Richard3 GREGORY1
   between 3 Feb. 1746/7 and July 1753 Pasquotank Co., NC5
5. William BARECOCK1 b. before 1686;4 m. Jane6,7 PEGGS;6
   d. between 5 Mar. 1730/1 and 10 July 1731 Pasquotank Co., NC7
6. Rebecka BARECOCK1 m. James7 FORBUS1; living 17317
7. Martha BARECOCK1 m. John8FORBUS1/FORBES8 living 17478

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