Records show that three families, those of Richard TYDINGS and wife Charity,
William RAMSEY and wife Pretiotia, and John BELT and wife Elizabeth were
all closely related to each other.  Their ages, plus the records would suggest
that one person from each couple was a sibling to one person from each of the
other two couples.  What is unknown, is exactly which persons were the siblings.

Richard TYDINGS wrote his will 2 Feb. 1687. Richard named his son John 
who was under 21, his eldest daughter Charity, second daughter Elizabeth, 
third daughter Pretitia, and fourth daughter Mary. All four of his daughters
were individually stated to receive bequests at the age of 16 or marriage.
As overseers he named Solomon SPARROW, John BELT, and John JORDAIN.  The
witnesses were Elizabeth CHESELL, Elizabeth BUTLER, Charles CHISELL,
and John ELSEY.  Of note, is that to his daughters Charity and Elizabeth
he left 375 acres in Baltimore County called Nanjomie.1

Richard TYDINGS' will included no probate dated, but he died between
4 June 1688 when he was made an appraiser of the estate of Edward MARRIOTE2
and 4 July 1689 in Anne Arundel Co., MD. On 13 Feb. 1692/3 Cap. Henry HANSLAP,
former sheriff of AA County showed that a commission was granted to said
HANSLAP on 4 July 1689 to prove the will of Richard TYDINGS and that it was
by him subscribed and proved on 13 July 1689.  At the same time, the administration
was given to John JORDAIN "who intermarried with Charity the Exex of the sd will."3
Note that no executor was named in the recorded copy of the will.  On 20 July 1689
John JORDAIN posted bond for the administration, with John BELT and Jos. WILLIAMS
his securites.3

Various publications over the past 100 years have incorrectly listed Richard
TYDINGS daughter Elizabeth as being identical to Elizabeth, wife of John BELT.
That Richard's daughter Elizabeth actually married Robert CRUMP is proved by
the following:

On 25 June 1719 Robert CRUMP and wife Elizabeth of Queen Anne's County, MD
sold to Philip THOMAS of Anne Arundel Co., MD, the aforesaid Robert CRUMP
"standing legally seized in right of the said Elizabeth his wife of the
moiety or half part of a tract of Land called Nanjamie" of 375 acres.4
The deed stated they sold the half part (187.5 acres) that was the right of
his wife Elizabeth.  Elizabeth's right in the land would have been from it
having been her one half of the tract willed to her and her sister Charity in
their father's will. Therefore the Elizabeth that first married John BELT, and
second John LAMB, and died testate in 1737 as Elizabeth LAMB is NOT the
daughter of Richard TYDINGS of the 1687 will. In 1748 Philip THOMAS of
Anne Arundel County sold the 187.5 acres, the "undivided moiety" of the tract
"Nanjemy" to Thomas HARRISON.5

The inventory of Robert CRUMP's estate taken 11 March 1748 in Queen Anne's
Co. and was signed by "next of kin" Preposia BOSTICK.6  A Preciosia CRUMP
married Samuel BOSTOCK 14 Jan. 1730 at St. Luke's Parish, Queen Anne's
County.7 Use of the name Preciosia/Pretiotia among the CRUMP family is added
evidence that Richard TYDINGS daughter Elizabeth married Robert CRUMP.

On 23 Sep. 1706 Jno JORDAN and wife Charity filed an additional account on the
estate of Richard TIDINGS.  Included were payments to Dutton LEAN for his wife's
portion, Eliza TIDINGS for her portion, Mary TIDINGS for part of her portion,
Phillip DOWELL "who married Mary TYDINGS afterwards" for another part of her
portion, and Jno TIDINGS for his portion.8  Had Richard's daughter Elizabeth
been identical to John BELT's wife/widow, then the payment should have been
to Elizabeth BELT if before 1702 (when she married John LAMB) or Elizabeth
LAMB (if after 1702).

Charles Brashear had stated that Richard TYDINGS' wife Charity was a SPARROW,
daughter of Thomas SPARROW and Elizabeth KINSEY, and that this was the Thomas
SPARROW who died about 1674.9  There is simply no evidence to support
such a conclusion.

One of the more important SPARROW documents was recorded in Anne Arundel
Co, MD Land Records.10  This shows that:
  1. Thomas SPARROW transported himself and his wife Elizabeth, and his children
      Thomas and Elizabeth to MD in 1649.
  2. In 7 Sep. 1659  Thomas SPARROW, son and heir of the first Thomas SPARROW
      received a patent of 590 for Sparrow's Rest, which had been surveyed for
      his father.
The above show that the first Thomas SPARROW was deceased by 1659, and that his
Thomas [Jr.] obtained the patent for his land in 1659.

Thomas SPARROW [Jr.] wrote his will on 1 Jan. 1674, which was proved on 5 June 1675.11

He named his wife Elizabeth, son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth, brother Solomon,
and sister Elizabeth CHAMP.  Witnesses were Nath. HEATHCOTE and Richard
TYDEINGS.  As his brother Solomon was not listed as having been transported in
1649, he would have been born after 1649.  No mention was made of a daughter
named Charity.

Another error in Brashear's book is that he stated Richard TYDINGS was born
6 Dec. 1654 in All Hallow's Parish, the son of John TYDINGS and wife Ann.  There
are no records for All Hallow's Parish at that early a date.  There was a John
TYDINGS and wife Ann who were the parents of a son Richard born in All Hallow's
Parish on 4 Dec. 1754.12

There was a Richard TYDINGS baptized 29 May 1625 at St. Mary's Whitechapel,
Middlesex, England, son of John TYDINGS and wife Margaret.47 Some
researchers have assumed that this was the Richard of MD, but he is not. Richard
TYDINGS and Margaret TYDINGS [his mother] were both buried 30 June 1625 at
St. Mary's Whitechapel, the same locality where he was born.49

It was brought to my attention by Mary Kay Coker that there was a Richard TITHINGS
who was baptized at St Saviour Church, Southwark, Surrey, which is just across the
Thames River from London.

She stated there were entries for:48

John Tithings married Ann Willson 20 Sep 1630 
John s/o John Tiding a carpenter bpt 26 Feb 1631/2 (John Tyding Inf[ant] buried 01 Aug 1633)
Richard s/o John Tithing a turner bpt 09 Mar 1633/4
John s/o John Tydings a turner 12 Aug 1638
John Tydings [not marked as infant] buried 03 Jul 1639  
Ann Tidings [not marked as infant] buried 13 Feb 1641/2

This has not been further investigated, but listed only as a possibility that
could be explored for the identity of Richard TYDINGS of Maryland.

In 1682, Richard TYDINGS claimed rights for the transportation of Charity TYDINGS
into Maryland.36

Children of Richard TYDINGS and wife Charity:
1. Charity TYDINGS1 b. say 1673;16 m.1. John JORDAIN;3,40 m.2. Michael PACQUINET;13
   m.3. Mr. SELMON;14 living 175014
2  John TYDINGS1 b. say 1675;16 m. Mary ELLIS 16 day, 6th month (this is NOT
   June), 170512
3. Elizabeth TYDINGS1 b. say 1677;16 m. Robert CRUMP4 before 10 Jan. 1700;15
   living 1719 Queen Anne's Co., MD4
4. Pretiotia TYDINGS1 b. say 1679;16 m.1 Dutton LANE;8 his will 31 May 1716,
   but not probated until 8 Oct. 1726;17  she m.2 John BOREING18
   between 8 Aug. 171719 and 22 Jan. 1718 ;20 d. 2 Feb. 1734 St. Paul's Parish,
   Baltimore Co., MD21 
5. Mary TYDINGS1 b. say 1681;16 m. Phillip DOWELL 11 June 1702;12 d. between
   5 Apr.171722 and 26 Jan. 1733 Anne Arundel Co., MD23

 On 27 Dec. 1726 Michael PACQUINET (signed as PAQUNETT) and wife Charity
of Bath Co., NC gave a Power of Attorney to our loving "cuzin" John BELT of
Baltimore Co., MD to sell the tract "Nangemy" on the  Gunpowder River in Baltimore
County.13  This John BELT was the son of John BELT and wife Elizabeth. As "cousin"
was a term that was often used for "nephew" it was upon this record that some
genealogical publications concluded that John BELT's wife Elizabeth was identical to
Elizabeth, daughter of Richard TYDINGS, and that her son John BELT [Jr.] of the
Power of Attorney was a nephew to Charity. In this case, though, it would appear
that Charity, daughter of Richard TYDINGS and wife Charity, and John BELT, son
of John BELT and wife Elizabeth were actual first cousins.

On 12 Dec. 1750 Charity SELMAN "one of the daughters and devisees of Richard
TIDINGS" sold to Thomas HARRISON all right and claim to one moiety or half
part of a tract called Nanjemy, the whole tract containing 375 acres.14
(Note: Thomas HARRISON would then possess the whole 375 acres. This would
be a different Charity SELMAN from the daughter of John TYDINGS and Mary
ELIIS that first married Solomon SPARROW, and secondly a SELMON.)

On 1 Oct. 1649 Humphrie BELT of Lower Norfolk County, VA made oath that
he was due 50 acres for transporting Margery CRAGGES his wife.24 The last record
known of "Humfrey" BELT in VA was on 15 March 1654 [1654/5], when he was
sued by Thomas JAYNES for a debt of 338 pounds tobacco.25

The first record of Humphrey BELT in MD was on 30 June 1663 when he entered
rights for 200 acres for the transportation of himself, John BELT, Anne BELT, and
Sarah BELT.26

If Humphrey was married about about 1649 at the time he claimed transportation
for his wife, then the assumed children whom he transported by 1663 could have
been born:
1. John BELT born say 1650; m. ca. 1677 Elizabeth; d. 1698
2. Anne BELT born say 1652
3. Sarah BELT born say 1654

That no transportation was claimed for his wife Margery, she may have died.  The
move from VA to MD may have occurred at any time between 1655 and 1663.
Often a number of years may have passed between the actual transportation to
MD, and the claiming of land.  Sometimes land was only claimed for part
of the family at one time, with the remainder claimed at a different date. If
that happened, then Humphrey BELT may not have claimed land for his entire
family, intending to claim any remaining land for a different tract.

Information on the FAMILY OF JOHN BELT is on a separate page.

William RAMSEY was in St. Mary's Co., MD as early as 1653 when he was about
14 years old.  The will of Edward COTTEN was written there on 4 Apr. 1653.27
To Barnaby JACKSON he gave the labor of William RAMSEY and George SPROUSE
until the ensuing St. Andrew's Day, provided he provide them sufficient apparell
during that time and 3 months following.  On St. Andrew's Day, William RAMSEY,
"my servant" was to be delivered to John WARREN for 7 years.

On 17 October 1682 as a resident of Anne Arundel Co.28 William RAMSEY,
age 43, gave a deposition for George THOMPSON regarding land formerly
belonging to Barnaby JACKSON in St. Mary's County.29

William RAMSEY had settled in Anne Arundel County by 1665, when as
a resident of there he purchased a tract in (then) Talbot County from Henry

In 1675 William RAMSEY of Anne Arundel Co. had proved his right to
150 acres, 50 due for his own time of service, and 100 acres due for the
transportation of Anne WETHERALL and Thomas BULL in 1663.30

The will of William RAMSEY was written written on 12 May and proved on
20 June 1689 in Anne Arundel County. He left land to his "eldest son" Charles
on the Gunpowder River [in Baltimore Co.] with the residue of land to his sons
William and John. Also named was his wife Pretiotia who was the executrix and
received the dwelling plantation and 250 acres on the Chester River along with
the remainder of the personal estate, and to be disposed of according to her
discretion "for the maintainance of her & my three youngest Children."31

After the death of William RAMSEY, his widow Pretiotia secondly married to
Thomas BEVAN by 22 Oct. 1691 when Thomas BEVAN/BEVON and his wife 
Pretiotia executors of the will of William RAMSEY of Anne Arundel County sold
to John "JURDAN" [JORDAN/JORDAIN], also of Anne Arundel County, the tract
on the Chester River in Talbot County that William RAMSEY had purchased in 1665,
and left to his wife Pretiotia in his will.33 On 4 Oct. 1692 Thomas BEVON
and wife "Pretiosa" sold the Anne Arundel County land willed by William RAMSEY
to his wife Pretiotia.34

William RAMSEY and wife Pretiotia had additional children that were not named
in the will that were just called "my three youngest children." A "Peshoshia"
RAMSEY was buried 2 [blank] 1698/9 at All Hallow's Parish in Anne Arundel County
and thought to be a daughter.  A few months later on 14 May 1699, Thomas RAMSEY,
"son of William and Peshoshia" was baptized there.12  Another believed
child is Charity, wife of Thomas HODGES. Thomas HODGES was a witness to the will
of John BELT.  Thomas and wife Charity were the parents of children:35
Thomas HODGES born 3 Nov. 1697
Pretiotia HODGES born 13 May 1700
John HODGES born 30 Sep. 1702
Charles Ramsey HODGES born 18 Feb. 1704
Charity HODGES born 5 Aug. 1707
Elizabeth HODGES born 7 May 1710
Sarah HODGES born 22 Mar. 1713

William RAMSEY and wife Pretiotia had children:
1. Charles RAMSEY31 b. say 1667; m. Elizabeth (THURSTON) WHALLEY
    by 1 Mar. 169137 [1691/2]
2. William RAMSEY31 b. say 1669
3. John RAMSEY31 b. say 167138
4. Charity RAMSEY b. say 1680; m. ca. 1696 Thomas HODGES
5. "Peshoshia" RAMSEY b. ca  1680s; bur. 2 (blank) 1698/9 All Hallow's
   Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD12
6. Thomas RAMSEY b. posthumously? ca. 1689; bap. 14 May 1699 All Hallow's
   Parish as "son of William and "Peshoshia."12  Called nephew in the will of
   John BELT, Sr. written in 1697. (Note than many children from families
   that had Quaker ties appear to have been baptized when they were older
   at All Hallow's Parish. Elizabeth, widow of John BELT had 4 children from
   her first marriage baptized at the same time as her daughter Margaret
   in 1703.  The eldest had to be over age 10.)


John BELT, son of John BELT and wife Elizabeth was "cousin" of Michael
PACQUINET and wife Charity TYDINGS.  If first cousins, then there would
be a sibling relationship of either Richard TYDINGS or his wife Charity to
either John BELT or his wife Elizabeth.

The elder John BELT in his 1697 will made a bequest to his "nephew" Thomas
RAMSEY.  Thomas was listed in the baptismal records as a son of William and
"Peshoshia."  That would imply that either John BELT or wife Elizabeth was
a sibling to either William RAMSEY or wife Pretiotia.


The use of the name Pretiotia among the children of Richard TYDINGS and
wife Charity, the use of the name Charity among the children of William RAMSEY
and wife Pretiotia would imply a relationship between the two families. Added
evidence would be that William RAMSEY's wife Pretiotia and her second
husband Thomas BEVAN/BEVON sold his Talbot County land to John "JURDAN"
[JORDAN/JORDAIN] who was the husband of Richard TYDINGS and wife
Charity's daughter Charity.


1. Richard TYDINGS b. say 1642; m. Charity (b. say 1656); he d. ca. 1689
   Anne Arundel Co., MD
2. Pretiotia TYDINGS b. say 1650; m.1. William RAMSEY/RAMSAY (b. ca. 1639);
   m.2. Thomas BEVON/BEVANS
3. Elizabeth TYDINGS b. say 1661; m.1. John BELT;  ca. 1677; m.2. 25 July 1701
   John LAMB; d. between 1 Aug. and 14 Oct. 1737 Anne Arundel Co., MD

On 10 Aug. 1663, George NOTTLEFOLD/NOTTLEFORD transferred Foldland in
Anne Arundel Co., MD to Richard TIDING, who on 11 Sep. 1665 as Richard
TIDINGS, cooper, granted the deed and assigment to Elizabeth BREWER, widow.
Richard signed his mark, as an "R".39  As Richard TYDEINGS he witnessed
the 1674 will of Thomas SPARROW,11 as TYDINGS he was an appraiser for the
1676 estate of John SHAW,41 as TIDINGS an appraiser for the 1676 estate of 
Thomas SPARROW,42, as TYDINGS an appraiser for the 1679 estate of Thomas
BESSON the elder,43 as TIDENS an appraiser for the 1679 estate of Enoch 
BOULTON,44 and as TYDING an appraiser for the 1684 estate of Edmond TOWNHILL.45

In each case his mark was indicated as an "R". Although his will was indicated
as signed with the mark "RT", there is no reason to believe it is not the same
man, or that there was more than one Richard TYDINGS at that time in MD.

The likelihood that this possibility is the correct one would seem extremely remote.

1. William RAMSEY b. ca. 1639; m. Pretiotia b. say 1650
2. Charity RAMSEY b. say 1656; m. Richard TYDINGS ca. 1672
3. Elizabeth RAMSEY b. say 1661; m. John BELT ca. 1677

William RAMSEY was in MD as a 14 year old servant.  There is no indication that
his parents were in MD for him to have had siblings there.  This possibility would
also seem unlikely.

Humphrey BELT the father of:
1. John BELT b. ca. 1650; m. ca. 1677 Elizabeth, she b. ca. 1661
2. Pretiotia BELT, b. say 1650; m. ca. 1666 William RAMSEY (b. ca. 1639)
3. Charity BELT b. say 1656; m. ca. 1672 Richard TYDINGS

As discussed under the TYDINGS section, Richard TYDINGS claimed
land by 1682 for the rights in the transportation of his wife.  As rights
could be transferred, it does not necessarily mean that Richard was the
person to actually transport her to MD. Humphrey BELT was living in
VA as of 1655. If Charity was his daughter and born in VA, and he moved
to MD about 1656, he may have reserved the rights for her transportation for
a later time. If so, on the death of Humphrey BELT, Charity's husband
Richard TYDINGS could have claimed the rights. Left unexplained is
the lack of a transportation entry for either a Pretiotia BELT by Humphrey,
or by her husband William RAMSEY.

A possibility is that Pretiotia was a second marriage for William RAMSEY,
and that in his will he named only those children by an unknown first wife.
If Pretiotia was a BELT, and a second wife of William RAMSEY, this would
Humphrey BELT father of:
1. John BELT b. ca. 1650 VA; m. ca. 1677 Elizabeth, she b. ca. 1661
2. Anne BELT b. ca. 1652 VA
3. Sarah BELT b. ca. 1654 VA
4. Charity BELT b. ca. 1656 VA; m. Richard TYDINGS
5. Pretiotia BELT b. ca. 1658-1662 MD; m. William RAMSEY as his second wife
     1. Charity RAMSEY born say 1680; m. ca. 1696 Thomas HODGES
     2. "Peshoshia" [Pretiotia] RAMSEY born 1680s; d. 1698
     3. Thomas RAMSEY called nephew in the will of John BELT

This last revised version of this possibility would seem very possible as
being the correct version.

1. Pretiotia -?-, b. say 1650; m. ca. 1670 William RAMSEY (b. ca. 1639)
2. Charity -?-, b. say 1656; m. ca. 1674 Richard TYDINGS
3. Elizabeth -?- b. say 1659; m. ca. 1677 John BELT 
the three being sisters, father unknown.

This scenario could also have the option as in possibility three, where
Pretiotia was a second wife to William RAMSEY. The father of the three
girls never claimed transporation for Charity, and Richard TYDINGS
later did.
1. Charity -?- b. say 1656 outside of MD; m. Richard TYDINGS
2. Elizabeth -?- b. say 1659 MD; m. ca. 1677 John BELT
3. Pretiotia b. say 1662 MD; m. as his second wife, William RAMSEY

This possibility is also possible as being the correct version.

The witnesses to John BELT's will were John TIDINGS, Charity JORDAN,
Ann SMITH, Thomas HODGES, Daniel PIERCE, Darby SWEANY and Ann
PIERCE. Note that under all scenarios, that John TIDEINGS and Charity
JORDON would have been his nephew and niece, and Thos. HODGES would
have been the spouse of his niece.

Either Possibility 3 or 4 would appear to be the most likely relation of 
the TYDINGS, BELT and RAMSEY families to each other.  Unfortunately,
for her descendants, the identity of Elizabeth, wife of John BELT remains
unknown in either possibility.

1. Richard Tiding will, Maryland Wills 6, pp. 40-41. Note that the witnesses were Elizabeth Chesell, Elizabeth Butler, Charles Chisell, and and Jno. Elsey. Some publications incorrectly abstracted the one witness as Charity (rather than Charles) Chisell. 2. Appraisers of Edward Marriote, Maryland Testamentary Proceedings 14:95. 3. Richard Tydings estate, Maryland Testamentary Proceedsing 15:9, FHL microfilm 0,012,934. 4. Baltimore Co., MD Deeds TR#DS:47-51, FHL microfilm 0,013,325 5. Baltimore Deeds TR#C:89-91, and TR#C:99-101, FHL microfilm 0,013,330. 6. Robert Crump inventory, MD Inventories 41:209-210, FHL microfilm 0,012,876. 7. F. Edward Wright, Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records 1726-1750, (Silver Springs, MD: Family Line Publications, 1983), 48. 8. Richard Tidings account, MD Inventories and Accounts 26:16-17. 9. 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