The earliest identified ancestor of this family is Christen SÄGISSMANN of
Wattenwil, Canton Bern, Switzerland. Until Wattenwil had its own church
in 1660, it belonged to the church parish of Thurnen (now Mühlethurnen)
The identity of Christen is uncertain, but he is either:
Christen SÄGISSMANN bap. 25 Mar. 1610, son of Christen9
Christen SÄGISSENMANN bap. 2 Jan. 1614, son of Hans9
Christen SÄGISSMANN bap. 9 Mar. 1617, son of Melchior9

Melcher also had an earlier son named Christen who was baptized on
20 May 1616;9 and died young.  Those are the only men named
Christen SÄGISSMANN who were baptized at Thurnen from 1596 until
1657, when Christen had a son named Christen.

Christen SÄGISSMAN m. 1. Christina WÄBER 20 Jan. 1640;9
m.2 Elsbeth KRÄBS 22 Nov. 16685

Christen SÄGISSENMAN and Christina WÄBER had children:
1. Barbli bap. 13 Dec. 164010
2. Anni bap. 28 May 164210
3. Trini bap. 29 Oct. 164410
4. Elsbeth bap. 15 Aug. 164710
5. Hans bap. 3 Feb. 165010
6. Margareth bap. 4 Apr. 165210
7. Maria bap.15 Oct. 165410
8. Christen bap. 21 Dec. 165710
9. Verena bap. 25 Aug. 16618
10. Melcher bap. 6 Dec. 16638

Christen SÄGISSENMAN and  Elsbeth KRÄBS had child:
1. Bendicht SÄGISSENMAN bap. 24 Sep. 1669;8 m. Anna KAPPELER 6 Nov. 16965

Bendicht SÄGISSEMANN and Anna KAPPELER had children:
1. Hans SÄGISSENMANN bap. 13 Aug. 1697;7 m. Barbara KÜNTZI 18 June 1728;5
   d. 11 Feb. 17673
2. Bendicht SÄGISSENMANN bap. 20 Aug. 1699;7 m. Elsbeth WICHTERMANN ca. 17281
3. Christen SÄGISSENMANN bap. 3 Apr. 1705;7 m. Maria TSCHÄPPELER 4 Sep. 1729;5
   d. 2 Apr. 17713
4. Barbara SÄGISSEMANN bap. 6 May 1708;1

Christen SÄGISSEMANN and Maria TSCHÄPPELER  had children:
1. Christen SÄGESSMANN bap. 15 Oct. 1730;1 m. Susanna MEGERT 5 Dec. 1757;2
   d. 27 Oct. 1808;3
2. Anna SÄGESSMANN bap. 16 Dec. 1734;1 m. Christen WENGER 6 July 1753;2
   d. 23 Mar. 1810;3

Christen SEGESSEMANN, born 1730, at the baptisms of his children Christian
and Elisabeth, was listed as of "im Grund" (a location).  At the marriages
of his first two children, he was the Sekelmeister [treasurer] im Grund.
At the birth of his daughter Susanna's first child in 1786 she was the
daughter of the Sekelmeister im Grund. At the baptism of her next two
children in 1788 and 1790, she was the daughter of the Chorrichter im Grund.
A Chorrichter was a member of a special court concerning family and morals,
the name coming from the usage to hold those courts in the church choir.
For his daughter Anna’s marriage in 1791 he was listed as the Kirchmeÿer
(administrator of church property). At death of his wife Susanna Sägessemann,
born Megert, on 12 Dec. 1797 she was listed as the wife of the current
Ammann [official] im Grund.3

Christen SÄGESSMANN and Susanna MEGERT had children:
1. Susanna SÄGISMANN bap. 19 Nov. 1758;4; m. Christen ZIMMERMANN 30 Mar. 1786;2
   d. 13 Dec. 1816;3
2. Christian SÄGISMANN bap. 3 Oct. 1762;4 m. Anna JAUSSI 30 Mar. 1786;2
   d. 6 Apr. 18406
3. Elisabeth SÄGISSEMANN bap. 31 Mar. 1765;4d. 27 June 1770;3
4. Anna SÄGESSEMANN bap. 4 Feb. 1770;4 m. Daniel ZIMMERMANN 8 Apr. 1791;2
   d. 4 Jan. 1817;3

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