In the name of god Amen Jannar 13 1598 I Margery Rushall of Badbye in the
Countie of Northt widowe though weak in bodye yet perfect in mynde and
memory doe make and ordane this my Last will and testamt in manner and
forme as followeth.
  Imprimis I recomend my soule into the hands of Allmightie god my maker
Redeemer and continuall preserver, and my body to be buryed in the Church
or Church yarde of Badbye.
   Item I give and bequeath to John Rushall my sonne Thomas Rushall his
sonne all that cropp of Corne that is or may be represented myne at my
tyme of Death & a cowe, a sheepe all hovells and lofts anddead moveable
wood about my howse or yard And all carte plowes horse geares and such
like belonging to husbandry, and all the tables and formes about the house,
and a garner above the entre and the standing bedstedd over the parlour
together with the fether bedd and beddinge at this type thereto belonging
provyding allwaies in this bequest that my sonne Thomas Rushall his father
shall have hold and enjoy them and everie of them for his lyfe tyme, and 
then leave them to his use as herebye I have bequeathed them.
   Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Marye the wyfe of Edwarde
Goodman one paire of sheets and two pewter Dishes one bigger one lesser.
   Item I give to her eldest Daughter Dorothie the wyfe of Richard Robins
of Long Buckby and to her daughter Continew Robins each of them one sheepe.
   Item I give to my daughter Maryes sonne John Goodman one sheepe and to 
her other daughter Sara Goodman my yongest yearling heyfer and one sheepe.
   Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Anna Smith the wife of Thomas
Smith one heyfer, two ewes, two lambes and two payre of sheets.
   Item I give to her sonne Thomas Smith one sheepe.
   Item I give to John Rushall the eldest sonne of my sonne John Rushall
of Newenham one sheepe, and a Coper that is the chamber over the parlor
which is my best copper. And to Henry Rushall his second sonne my godson
a cowe and a sheepe. And to Thomas Rushall and Manasseh Rushall his other
two sonnes each of them a sheepe. 
   Item To Robert Burrowe of Napton I forgive xxx shillings which he oweth me.
   Item to his daughter Anna Burrowe I give one sheepe and one paire of
   Item I give to Anna Burrowe of Brawnson my Sister my best gowne & 2
   Item I give to Henry Rogers of Drayton my god sonne one sheepe.
   Item I give to Willm Blondell of Stavton a strike of corne.
   Item I give to Willm Goode my servant one sheepe and a strike of corne.
   Item I give to Isabell Hirkman my mayde one paire of sheets two pewter
Dishes and one sawser.
   Item I give to the poore of Badby fower strike of corn to be devyded
among them according to their needs and yf that be not sufficient I will
that more be added thereunto it.
   Item I give to John Tobie and James Tobie and Dorothie Tobie the 
children of John Tobie of Welton Deceased each of them two sheepe.
   Item all other my goods whatsoever not given nor bequeathed I leave
to my sonnes Thomas Rushall and John Rushall whom I make and ordaine to
be myne Executors of this my Last will and testament whereof I appoint
my trustie & welbeloved Raphael Heywood of Badbye clerk to be my
faythfull overseer to deliver my true intent & meaning in all the
precins that accodinglie thereunto whollie and fullie & in everie part
thereof this my presente last will and testament may without fraude &
guile an in all quietnes be performed.
Sealed the daie and yeare above written and acknowledged to be the true
will as it is on the syde written, and in the Last bequest interlyned by
us and in the presence of us whose names are under written.
Raphael Heywood
Thomas Leeson
Henry Rushall
The will was probated on 12 April 1603.


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