Mr. LOVE had children:
1. John5 LOVE d. 9 Mar. 17181 [1718/9]
   m.1 Mary 10 Feb. 1704 [1704/5];1
   m.2. Anne PRESTON 26 June 1713;1 she d. 29 July 17171
   m.3. Rebecca STAPLEFORD 1 Jan. 17181 [1718/9]; she remarried
        William PIERCE 8 Aug. 17221
2. William5 LOVE d. 1 June 17201
   m. Anne BELL 2 Jan. 17101 [1710/1]; she remarried Thomas ROTHWELL
   21 Feb. 17201 [1720/1] and died before 24 Oct. 1727 when Thomas

John LOVE and Anne PRESTON had:
1. John b. 10 Dec. 1716;1 m. Sarah;8 d. 1756 Talbot Co., MD8

William LOVE and Anne BELL had children:
1. William LOVE b. 6 Oct. 17131
2. Thomas LOVE b. 21 Oct. 17181; living 177610
3. third child2

Rebecca LOVE was administratrix for John LOVE, posting her bond of 100 pounds
on 24 March 1718 [1718/9] with Robt. STAPLEFORD and Thomas BARNETT her sureties.13
Approvers to the inventory of John LOVE in 1718 [1719] were Joseph HARDEN
and Jonathan TAYLOR.3 Maryland inventories were usually signed by two
next of kin, and two creditors, but under what capacity Joseph HARDEN
signed was not identified.  John's widow Rebecca was administratrix of his
estate, and payments included one to Jonathan TAYLOR, for Capt. Robertt
FLETCHER.  No payments were made to Joseph HARDEN, and the implication
would be that he may have signed as next of kin, and TAYLOR as a creditor.9

The estate of William LOVE was apparently not settled by his widow Ann's
second husband Thomas RATHELL until until after her death. Signing as next
of kin to the inventory of William LOVE in 1726 were Joseph HARDEN (one
place HARDING) and Sarah (her mark S L [or SC]) LOVE.4

In 1719 William LOVE, brother of John LOVE, deceased, asked for a valuation
of land belonging to John's son John, age 2.5 Another valuation was done
in 1720, and the land was described as part of the tract Hatton,
possessed by John LOVE, deceased.11 John PRESTON in his will written in 1712
had willed  to his daughter Anne PRESTON, "all the part of my Land being in 
the whole the the one half of the moeity called or known by the name of
Hatton by Estimation three hundred acres."12

In 1724 Joesph HARDING was guardian to John, and another valuation was taken.6
In 1731, George WEST was guardian to John, and another valuation was taken.7
When John [Jr.] died in 1756, Thomas LOVE and George WEST signed his inventory
as next of kin.8

Joseph HARDEN was married to Martha FROMILIER on 7 Aug. 1718.1 The relation
of either he or his wife to the LOVE family is unknown.

Sarah LOVE was married on 14 Feb. 1727/8 to George WEST.1  In that she signed
as next of kin to William's estate, and her husband was guardian for John,
Jr. and later signed John [Jr.'s] inventory as next of kin, Sarah could
be either a child of John Sr. and his first wife Mary, OR an eldest child
of William if she was born in 1712, between the marriage and birth of William, Jr.

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