Thomas ACCARS bur. 24 Apr. 1647 Prescot, Prescot Parish, Lancs., Eng;1
   m. 11 Dec. 1632 Prescot Parish, Lancashire, Eng.1
Margery HOUGHTON bur. 5 Mar. 1650 [1650/1] Whiston, Prescot Parish, Lancs.,
1. Margaret ACRES bap. 15 Sep. 1633 of Whiston in Prescot Parish, 
   m. John RATHBONE
2. John ACRES bap. 20 Feb. 1635 [1635/6] of Prescot in Prescot Parish,1
   m. Margery; d. 1699 RI
3. Ann ACRES b. ca. 1638; bur. 19 Apr. 1638 of Whiston, Prescot Parish1
4. James ACRES bap. 3 Apr. 1639 of Prescot in Prescot Parish,1 bur. 2 Apr. 1643 of 
   Prescot, Prescot Parish1
5. Ellin ACRES bap. 20 Feb. 1641 [1641/2] of Prescot in Prescot Parish1

John ACRES and wife Margery had children:
1. Margery ACRES b. 24 Mary 1665; m.1. Daniel TOSH; m.2. Job CARD; d.
   before 27 Aug. 1724
2. Martha ACRES b. 26 Feb. 1668; m. Job CARD 1 Nov. 1689; d. before
   28 May 1716

Prescot Parish in Lancashire consisted of the townships of Bold, 
Cronton, Cuerdley, Ditton, Eccleston, Great Sankey, Parr, Penketh, 
Prescot, Rainford, Rainhill, Sutton, Whiston, Widnes, and Windle.

In Prescot Parish, there were a number of Thomas ACCRES baptized in 
the time range to be the Thomas that married in 1632.  These were:
4 Dec. 1583 son of James Accres of Prescot
23 July 1594 son of William Accres of Rainhill
30 Sep. 1602 son of John Accres of Whiston
8 Mar. 1602/3 son of William Accres of Whiston
4 Nov. 1612 son of William Ackers of Whiston
23 Sep. 1614 son of John Ackers of Whiston
2 June 1616 son  of John Ackers of Whiston
20 Mar. 1616/7 son of William Ackers of Whiston

The only burials for Thomas ACCRES were:
21 July 1590 son of Richard Accres of Sutton
6 Nov. 1614 son of John Accres of Whiston
11 May 1620 son of Henry Ackars of Rainhill
22 Feb. 1625/6 son of Thomas Ackers of Rainhill

There was only one Thomas ACCRES marriage from 1620-1650, and it 
would appear that all children baptized and buried as the children of 
Thomas pertain to the Thomas ACCRES-Margery HOUGHTON marriage.

Only the fathers and not the mothers names are given in the 
baptismal and burial registers. It is impossible from the church 
records alone to tell how many John and William Accres there were at 
Whiston, or which may be the father of Thomas.

There were six possible Margery HOUGHTONs baptized in the time range
to be the one who married Thomas ACCRES in 1632:
2 May 1605 Margori daughter of Otewell Houghton of Whiston
19 Jan. 1611/2 Margaret daughter of Richard Houghton of Sutton
16 June 1612 Margaret daughter of John Houghton of Prescot
6 May 1615 Margt daughter of John Houghton of Parr
3 July 1616 Margrett daughter of John Hougland (sic) of Prescot
27 Sep. 1618 Margeria daughter of Radul Hawton of Par

There were burials for two of these six:
22 Dec. 1614 Margt daughter of John Houghton of Prescot
10 Feb. 1618/9 Margery daughter of Radulphi Houghton of Par

John Houghton of Prescot wrote his will 20 May 1624 and named wife 
Cicely, and children Edward, James, John, Henry, An, Jane, Kathrin, 
and Margery.  (Married 21 Sep. 1596 Cicely Webster.  He was buried 17 
June 1624, she was buried 22 Nov. 1644.  
1. Edward b. ca. 1598-1604
2. James b. ca. 1598-1604
3. An b. ca. 1598-1604
4. Jane b. ca. 1598-1604
5. John bap. 21 Apr. 1606
6. Henry bap. 13 May 1608
7. Katherine bap. 23 June 1610
8. Margaret bap. 16 June 1612; bur. 22 Dec. 1614 
9. Mary bap. 12 Oct. 1614; bur. 13 Feb. 1614/5
10.Margret bap. 3 July 1616

Only one Margery Houghton appears in the marriage records.  With four 
possibilities from the bapitsmal register, one in Sutton, one in Par, 
one in Whiston, and one in Prescot it is unknown which is the 
Margery that married Thomas Accres. Because Thomas Acres was in both 
Whiston and Prescot at the births of children those would seem the 
most likely.

1. St. Mary's Church, Prescot, Lancashire, England 1632-1655 Register. Marriages 1632 Thomas Accars and Margaris Houghton 11 Dec Baptisms 1635 [1635/6] Johannes child of Thomas Ackkers of Prescot 20 Feb. 1639 Jacobus [James] child of Thomas Accars of Prescot 3 Apr. 1641 [1641/2] Ellin child of Thomas Accars of Prescott 20 Feb. Burials 1638 Ann child of Thomas Accars of Whiston 19 April 1643 James child of Thomas Ackers of Prescott 2 April 1647 Thomas Ackers of Prescott buried 24 April 1650 [1650/1] Margreta Acker, wid[ow] of Whiston buried 5 March


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